STCs are available for the installation of the 100-hp Continental O-200, the 108-hp Lycoming O-235, and the 135-hp Lycoming O-290. Engine cylinders are often repairable, or new ones are available (except for the O-290), from Engine Components Inc. ( ) or from Lycoming or Continental at reasonable prices.
Jan 21, 2012 · The square tail was originally designed by Cessna not for a tri-gear 172, but rather for an proposed, improved tailwheel Model 170C. The purpose of the change was to increase aspect ratio of the horizontal tail and to increase elevator authority, making a tail-low or three-point touchdown easier with flaps fully extended, especially with forward CG.
The Taildragger Aviation C-150 Exhaust STC gives you the authority to install one set of Cessna 150 exhausts on one specific Cessna 120, 140 or 140A with a C-85, C-90 or O-200 engine. This is a one time use STC, is N number specific and is NOT transferable. The STC includes paperwork and installation instructions. 150. The first model year of the Cessna 150 carried no suffix letter. It was available as the "150" or the upgraded "Commuter". The engine was a 100 horsepower (75 kW) Continental O-200, the gross weight was 1,500 lb (680 kg) and flaps were actuated manually with a lever between the seats. Production commenced late in 1958 as the 1959 model year.
Rotax Cessna is C150 modified with 100 hp rotax 912 S3 engine and constant speed propeller. It has multiple benefits over the traditional Continental engine. Search for:
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