The shape and dimensions of the outwales is a matter of personal preference, governed somewhat by the size of the boat. Obviously, a sixteen or seventeen foot canoe would benefit both structurally and aesthetically by gunwales larger than would be practical or pretty on a more delicate craft like the Wee Lassie.
Northstar Canoes are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, to the original retail consumer, for the usable life of the canoe as defined by wear. Northstar Canoes will repair or replace hulls or components at our option. The customer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the Northstar Canoes factory in Princeton, MN.
Our canoe department features accessories and parts of interest to canoe paddlers. In this category you will find items specific to canoes. Please check the other departments for other paddling accessories, parts and supplies related to paddle sport as a whole. See the Mad River Canoe Care and Repair Guide The Explorer Ultralite rounds out the classic Explorer series with a canoe that not only embodies the iconic Explorer design, but also incorporates new, light-weight technology for an impressive combination of speed, glide, responsiveness, capacity and seaworthiness.
Gunwales Start your gunwale replacement project by visiting or calling North West Canoe. We stock full-length wood and aluminum canoe gunwales from Bell, Mad River and Old Town, plus hard to find stainless hardware. If you're not within driving distance, consider the ash Knockdown Gunwale kit.
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