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Dec 28, 2016 · The Geissele Super 3 Gun (S3G) trigger is a semi-automatic-only derivative of the two-stage Super Select-Fire (SSF) combat trigger that Geissele Automatics produces for customers in the U.S. Special Operations Community.
Thanks! I hadnt talked to anyone unbiased about them thats used them for those high round counts before. I know you tell it like it is so. I wont be purchasing one till after the first of the year so i got some time. I'm gonna try and find someone local that has a Geissele. I've shot a buddys CMC and liked it. It was a single stage i believe. Geissele vs. Timney Triggers. Jump to Latest Follow. One difference is you can actually get a Timney right now. You will be on backorder for a Geissele.
The Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig Mk3 is designed to be extremely efficient, modular, and lightweight. The Micro Fight works seamlessly with Spiritus accessories suite which offers nearly endless configurations. The addition of soft loop Velcro in both pockets enable you to put mission essential items where you want them based on your individual needs. The improved …
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