Sep 17, 2013 · Use this tool to generate an OAuth token to authenticate with Twitch IRC. The entire presented token (including "oauth:") can be substituted for your old password in your IRC client. To revoke access, disconnect "Twitch Chat OAuth Token Generator" from your Twitch settings.
The ESP8266 connects to the IRC twitch chat channel and looks for commands. When a command is found the ESP8266 sends a serial command to an Arduino Pro Mini which controls the robot. The bots have hammers attached to micro servos that they use to hit targets on the other robot.
May 22, 2019 · The chat logs were leaked by a source who wished to remain anonymous out of fear for their safety. The rally ultimately didn’t happen, but the logs provide an inside look into the extremist group’s strategy as well as evidence that such planning continues to this day. A simple python app for logging twitch's chat to a PostgreSQL database. It logs an arbitrary ammount of channels (default is a 100) ordered by the numbers Twitch seems to not like a single bot joining a large amount of channels, so each bot is limitted to 20 channels. This app automatically scales the...
Channel ritual. Twitch says: Channel ritual. Many channels have special rituals to celebrate viewer milestones when they are shared. The rituals notice extends the sharing of these messages to other viewer milestones (initially, a new viewer chatting for the first time).
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